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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Money represents the transaction of energy. Have you ever considered the design of the currency currently being used to represent this energy?

Most people are using a fiat money - money made of various colours, paper and sometimes even plastic. The US green bills with the 'All Seeing Eye' on one side and the 'New World Order' symbol on the other displays in clear sight the money system we mostly operate in and the people we are indebted to. This money system has served a purpose, and for this (and them) we are very grateful.

Now, there is a new era upon us. One of the digital age. One that is more private; one that is more secure. This era is not entirely new, its been around for at least 20 years. In my beginning years of my career in 2000, I educated the masses on digital money and banking. Back then we were evolving bank accounts online. I worked with consumers and also financial institutions to implement internet banking.

Like all new civilisations and eras - new ideas are born. Back then it was digital banking and today its evolving to digital currency. The crypto craze started ten years ago, and this new digital / online currency is continuing to build momentum.

As more and more confidence builds with this new digital money supply, our new life paradigm takes shape, and new opportunity begins to sprout up like flowers in spring. Its a great time to be alive and to experience crypto currency. You will find there is much opportunity before us.

Introducing kiMuni - a #cryptocurrency that is beautiful. Transacts better than #bitcoin and much better than #blockchain. Why? #Privacy is the best way to explain - this is a #privacycoin - and also no fees, no audit trail. A valued piece of precious art #kiMuni

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