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They are setting up shop for the future; the meticulous plan and final pieces in place.

Faster downloads, much more convenience; thousands of new YouTube material to consume.

The 5G internet of everything will monitor everything.

From grocery products to household appliances; like ovens, toasters, coffee machines and juicers.

From fresh produce and packaged foods; to other items like: baby monitors, nappies, clothes, hair brushes, q-tips, orange juice, shampoo and conditioner.

Even the table salt will be monitored.

Heads down, faces in screens, radiation blasting 24/7.

In the process, the world will become sicker; more vaccines introduced for new illnesses discovered; no more insurance for cancer.

No more medical freedoms; no more God given rights. it's now a plea for our lives.

The 5G future is fast approaching; some would say its already here.😔

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