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Penny Kelly - The Dangers of 5G

In this interview with Energy & Consciousness expert Penny Kelly , we learn the importance of us humans working together to find frequencies of energy that aid in our evolution; energies that support cooperation and healing... and not human destruction, which is what the 5G grid does.

"To understand the dangers of 5G, you must first understand that we are all bodies of energy. We operate at frequency bandwidths that every feeling, emotion, action (and much more) comes from. It also affects our reproduction system.”

My worst fear was confirmed yesterday as I listened to Prof Martin Pall (a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences) explain how 5G grid will create human extinction within approximately 5 years after its' rollout.

5G is going to affect ALL of us (people, pets, and plants) IF they proceed with their (already FCC approved) US and multi-national rollout plan. The 5G grid hasn't been tested for safety and 1000's of scientist are saying it's lethal.

Many cities have already become "smart", but there is still time to voice your opinions, take legal action, and play an important role in the progress of human evolution.

Friends, we must pay attention to this very serious attack on our (and kids/pets) bodies. The latency (or timeframe it takes for something to appear) for symptoms from disease, cancer, etc from WIFI DNA damage is 10-15 years (sometimes sooner).

And, the fact this damages DNA and the reproductive system is serious. The actions we adults take today will benefit the kids and adults of tomorrow.

Just think about a generation of kids in 15 years time when they all get married and ALL not able to have children from the wifi exposure they had throughout their lives, in malls, on transpo, in schools, etc.

...and to make things worse, this DNA damage is non-reversible. So, there is no 'healing' option; the only way is extinction.

For 15 years, Penny was involved in scientific research and investigations into crop circles, consciousness, and plasma physics at Pinelandia Laboratory near Ann Arbor, MI as the student and later the associate of Dr. Wm. Levengood.

Penny holds a degree in Humanistic Studies from Wayne State University, a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health, continues her research into consciousness and perception.

Penny is the mother of four children and has written seven books:

  • The Evolving Human

  • The Elves of Lily Hill Farm

  • Robes: A Book of Coming Changes

  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 – Multi-dimensionality

  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 – New Worlds of Energy

  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3 – History and Consciousness

  • Getting Well Again Naturally – From The Soil to The Stomach

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