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Updated: May 23, 2019

Each time a new person wakes up to the realities of this world;

- That this world is being run by evil people with agendas; - That everything we've been told about war is a lie; - That everything we've been told about history is a lie; - That 9/11 and other events were staged, false flags; - That the leaders of the world are puppets for the Globalists; - That Hollywood is full of evil, satanic, paedophile monsters; - That the chemicals in the food, air, water are actually poison; - That chemo and radiation are making cancer worse; - That the mandatory education system is dumbing us down; - That the mandatory vaccines cause autism; - That the mandatory WIFI in schools is killing the children; - That there is a New World Oder being deployed globally; - and that 5G is a military weapon, designed to cause harm;

they become lighter, brighter, happier, and more free. ❤️

The world is awakening thanks to YOU my dear listener. Join me today to learn more on The Sheena Showdown

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