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Join me and Aaron Battle each week for {Activation Hour} for introductions, information, and ultimate knowledge sharing.

We are ready to set sail, riding a brand new wave of emotion, within a brand new ocean of opportunity, towards a beautiful new landscape of lessons, where each new moment embraces divine timing, and each new person presented is, on purpose.

Together, forging ahead with a new frontier of facts, ~ as new Earth activators aligned ~ we are on purpose, we are on our mission, we are paving the way towards an exciting new future, a fun-filled life, fully lived, through fun times, of commitment, and love.

And, as we come together in transparency, with truth and intent as our guide, we help each other evolve.

We help each other transmute fear.

We help each other move towards higher states of awareness, towards a place that pleads acceptance, for the unwanted, and warrants repentance, for the wrongdoings.

A new reality that is designed for unimaginable success.

A new system for sought after individuals, ~ like you and me ~, who only want the very best, ~ for you and me ~ , for the community, for humanity, ~ and ~ for ALL of mankind.

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