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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Friends & Family - I am writing everyone an urgent message and have hidden your name to keep your identity private, but please share this information with everyone you love.

I would like to share the lengthy COVID19 SAFE PLANS that the The Club Of Rome has drafted for humanity for our "post - pandemic' era on the planet. This organisation has been assisting humanity for decades and is in charge of organising people on the planet, and now responsible for the personal changes coming due to the global pandemic that will impact you and your family life.

You can read the document here:

This video is very important and may bring up some unwanted emotions, but I believe this information is critical to our human development. I don't want to upset you, but knowledge is our greatest power.

FYI: I'm not scared, but I was when I first learned about the Club of Rome's ideas for humanity 2.5 years ago.

And yes... I am angry. If you are angry too, don't worry - there is a resolution. There are some great solutions in the video as well.

Personally, I've never felt more connected to myself, and my purpose in life. I am successfully educating people of these upcoming changes and I have a team of highly skilled lawyers who are also assisting us with education to contract law, rules on the land, and the legal implications that come with the post COVID19 pandemic.

Please take the time to watch this, but please don't reply back to this email to discuss this information. There is no time to debate this topic and I've already concluded everything in this video is true in 2018, before I started my purpose, and new journey of awakening the masses to truth on the planet.

If you are inspired to take personal change after watching the video below,

  • You can follow me on Facebook to learn how to approach life - post pandemic.

  • Join the group - Freedom Collective - access to fun, freedom loving friends dedicated to helping people evolve personally from this pandemic; to get stronger and become more empowered together now; and for future generations to come.

  • I've also started a new online publication Windows Into Our New World that will assist in your body, mind and spiritual ascension in the coming months, and years.

In closing, please know that I deliver this information to you because I care, and love you. I am deeply concerned for humanity, and our future, and I welcome everyone to join me on this mission to walk in a different direction.

Here again are the COVID19 Safe plans that outline's their plans in the post pandemic era. Again, all of this information is accurate, and the references are in the YouTube link provided.

Thank you in advance for watching this video, and for participating in changing the direction of humanity to peace, love and freedom for all.

With love and light

Sheena x

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