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KiMuni Monday - May 20th 2019

Today I talked about my latest experience on this crypto craze.

The experience challenged my beliefs in money. And the fear around scarcity

That money was scarce and because of that I needed to be scared.

I have been scared in the past. I've been very scared.

I'm not scared anymore. I know now that there is no fear when it comes to money.

Money is a flow of energy, and the instrument used; either physical or digital will be be known, eventually. The hiccups in the system, and delays, are not to be feared.

Things that are good, will come good eventually.

Things that are bad will eventually rot away.

Fiat currency is rotting away. And this feels good. I'd rather be insecure in a secure option, like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, then be insecure in an insecure option like the dollar.

The blockchain is here to stay. So is KiMuni.

For this I am very grateful.

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