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There are serous and life threatening issues surrounding kids and technology. The latest research shows that the average 13 year old spends 8 hours a day, 7 days a week glued to a screen. This is not only affecting their mental and emotional wellbeing, it is causing serious health problems.

Too much time in the cyber world is re-wiring kids brains, affecting the ability to flourish in the real world AND creating anxiety, depression and attention issues.

As influencers in children's lives, WE need to be the ones who educate them on how to use technology safely. WE need to be the ones who educate them on how to properly use wifi. And WE need to be role models that show them how to successfully disconnect from tech throughout the day.

There is a whole generation of kids who are being robbed from their childhood because of technology. More importantly, this tech is making them mentally and emotionally unwell. WE need to change this, or their future will also be robbed. Their lives are at risk 😞 Thank you for paying attention ❤️

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