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1) Identify source of emission, identify site, home, workplace, public transport etc. – use rfnsa website too 2) Gather support in your council area - speak with your friends and neighbours in your council area (for example do letterbox drops informing neighbours of the risks and the fact that you are planning to take action, explain. Go knock on doors, gather as much support as you can. Print out flyers, the videos taken at the Stop 5G event and other info you have, you don’t want to be the only one who contacts the council). Get organised by starting local facebook groups or any other kind of community group for your specific council area. We suggest the name 5G Action Group + your council name (this of course is up to you though). Explain to all the steps that need to be taken so that they understand what needs to be done. Build a team. 3) This is important! Obtain medical opinions from a qualified medical doctor – if you are fighting as a group not everyone in the group needs a letter, however, the more letters you have the better. This will probably be easiest for those who are already sick (EHS or cancer or anything really) – these letters could be saying for example that "Based on the research your doctor has done he does not consider 5G to be safe for you" or that "In your doctor's opinion and according to current scientific peer reviewed studies such as the NTP study, the Bioinitative Report and so forth you have justified and reasonable grounds to be fearful that the 5G technology will be harmful to you." or “I consulted with xyz who resides at ….He/she fears her health might be harmed through exposure to electromagnetic radiation (you can mention how close the facility would be to your home, your bedrooms etc. ) He/she has the following symptoms… and thought medical opinion from me on this matter. I strongly advice that he/she not be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from …(facility)…” Your doctor could mention symptoms or health issues or family histories of cancers if applicable. (Examples of letters are also read out by Raymond at the 1hour and 6 minute mark) - By the way, you do not need to be sick or suffer from EHS, the reasonable fear of harm is enough. Whatever your doctor finds appropriate in your case it is important that he states that in his medical opinion your fears of you and your family being harmed by exposure to EMRs are reasonable and justified. You might have to supply your doctor with some information if he is unsure, but ideally there should be doctors (usually Environmental and Integrative Doctors) who are aware already – Dr. Russell Cooper of Tasmania is also willing to speak with your doctor if necessary. If people cannot find a doctor to issue a letter, then Dr. Cooper is willing to do a Skype consult and write the letter (this, however, is very expensive, upwards of $800 as it would be a long consult). These letters are super important. To do with assault laws or protection laws or your right to live free from threads and assault or fear of assault (assault in turn is when someone uses force or thread of force against you against your will - and EMF is a force) 4) Speak with your councillors, try to get them on board – it might be easier to go in small groups. Keep it polite and friendly – after all you want to make them understand that this issue effects them too, that you have done your homework and know what you are talking about. Give/send them the link to Dr. Cooper's talk in Perth and other information including the link to the Bioinitiative report, links to the ehtrust etc. Try to get them to understand the issues, as well as how the law works (as per the explanation provided to you so far) and try to get them onto your side. Whatever your personal beliefs and opinions are on other matters, do not bring these up – keep it to EMR and 5G related matters only! 5) Get readings for EMR emissions for existing installations and/or EME reports 6) Get details of who installs/telcos ABN number, the directors etc. 7) Does the site require council approval, contact council to confirm. If it requires approval, ask for expiry date, consultation process etc. 8) Collect all correspondence you had with emitters and council so far. 9) Get building biologist’s report 10) Get advice on shielding equipment devices and costs 11) Collate documents as above – send to Raymond Broomhall of Michael Kirby Chambers Tasmania (or any other lawyer you trust to help in this matter and who is passionate about this) and instruct lawyer to draft an advice mentioning the Precautionary Principle which should be activated. 12) Your letter stating that you do not consent and that you request remedy and with the demand that council issue an abatement order, along with all your evidence (as per above), and the lawyer’s advice will be sent to council. 13) If council ignores this or does not act, then they might be liable in civil or criminal court or both. Last resort will be legal action against council and/or emitters. In this case definitely seek legal advice!

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