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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Our new world is here ~

fresh new beginnings for all.

An opportunity to finally do

all the things we've wanted to do

once and for all.

New hobbies, new trades,

new ways to communicate.

Brand new ways to live peacefully,

without war.

New ways to travel,

new ways to meet others,

new ways to collaborate in harmony;

exist together in peace.

Our rivers are clean,

our water conscious,

our trees blow in the chemical free breeze.

The birds sing with with delight

harmoniously with the bees

without the interface of 5G.

We live expanded in 5D.

The overpopulation issue ~

is no longer an issue.

The education becomes self directed ~

is no longer forced and faked.

The rubbish issue becomes a challenge to conquer;

hidden tools waiting to be discovered.

We exist with intent,

without any harm to others.

We collaborate voluntarily,

using social standards to navigate our way.

We respect one another,

we let weird be weird,

and crazy,

be cray-cray.

We let the babies cry without punishment.

We let them live and love without fear,

or with vulnerability to evil.

To the leaders out there,

the subject matter experts,

who have much to say,

we let them lead the way.

Whomever wants to follow and listen, will. ❤️

As a community committed to one another ~

we move forward with peace, love, truth

and balance,

once and for all.


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