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Fred Burks - Want to know

I had the honor of speaking to Fred Burks about what goes on in government behind our backs and without us knowing. During this personal journey of understanding the dangers of 5G and realizing how powerful the health implications are with these levels of wireless radiation, I have also been shocked at some of the other ways the 5G technology is currently being used in society, and what the future world we look forward to experiencing will be like.

"...there are some ROUGE people out there!”

Fred Burks, Want To Know Info

In this chat, you'll see my shock when I hear how mind control (via 5G) can execute a 'False Flag" or in other words, be used as a military weapon.


This is a term that was hard to get my head around. My first reaction was of shock - how and why would a government want to do that? As I now understand, they execute false flags.... many times and for many reasons. There are many verified examples of this in our recent past and I encourage people to google the term to learn more.

All of this is really quite fascinating and so is another term I recently learned about which is: 'Technocracy'.

WOW - I am shaking my head smiling from ear to ear in shock that this is even an idea... let alone being done right in front of our eyes. As this Fred puts it - there are some ROUGE people out there!! YES, Fred, there are!

Learning about this term puts everything in perspective. I've been working in technology for 20 years and as I look back now, connecting the dots, it all makes perfect sense. Brilliantly planed, but nowhere near the end goal...

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