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Updated: May 15, 2019

One of my first and favourite discoveries with KiMūni is the model this cryptocurrency was built upon. The Inventor used beauty and brilliance to create the crypto-code based on mathematic formulas that are derived from the Mandelbrot set, an exquisite design created naturally, in nature.

I inquisitively asked him:

'Is KiMūni crypto based on quantum physics - never ending - like in space, with invisible possibilities all around us?'

and his reply:

'Well yes, sort of, but KiMūni crypto is - finite - each with a unique location and precisely scaled fractal real-estate that you can actually see!

From there, he explained more of how the scarcity (and trust) you see in nature is what creates the value in KiMūni. The assets you purchase are truely unique, exquisite pieces of art, something that you own, that will take your breath away.

My jaw dropped from hearing about this new approach to building new money. It feels so good knowing nature is now in control. ❤️

And, from this very first phone call with The Inventor, the entire KiMūni experience - including: purchasing KiMūni, trading KiMūni, and holding KiMūni - was as beautiful and brilliant as the photo you see here.

To learn more about #cryptocurrency and to follow my #crypto #blockchain and #bitcoin journey, join the #KiMūni group here:

— feeling beautiful.

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