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Hi Friends, I've had some great feedback on the request for crypto courses to learn how to take the first steps in understanding this new money option. As discussed in an interview with Bob Stanley earlier this week, you'll want to ease into this when things are settled and you are in control, not the other way around.

There are many opportunities when you dabble in crypto.

My suggestion is to take this new money journey with a friend, or a few. In addition to you being able to share braincells learning this new concept, you'll be able to use this new currency between you. 🤓

You'll want to start planning on getting your money safe; out of the stock market and into precious metals and crypto.

You'll want some KiMuni too. Its the most private option.

Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to learn more, coming from me, very soon.

Until then, lets visualise a world with no corruption 👀

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