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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Once upon a time, in a land near and far, were secrets about law, and wrong doing.

These secrets; hidden so well, were secret, for so long.

Secrets about truth. Secrets about right, and wrong.

Important secrets that your grandparents would have passed down, had they'd known.

The law of the land, was the law of the land, until the criminals came; the pirates with a faux name.

They came, set up shop, called themselves court, made orders that held power, ~ authority and power ~ and started playing the game.

A game that consisted of ships, and sea, and corporations.

One by one, they played the game, and this game grew.

Authority and power on the land grew.

The game grew in towns and cities, in all the neighbourhoods, far and wide.

Court, and the game, were played everywhere.

It was played every day, everywhere across the land.

Until one day, the people of the land, caught on.

They caught on ~ in sheer disbelief ~ that the game had been played for so long.

For so long they were playing a game they had no clue they were playing.

They had no idea they were playing a game that no longer honoured the law of the land.

And, Once they overcame the shock, they changed tactics.

They went back to the game, with a new strategy all together.

We must get back to land, abandon ship, and take these pirates out, ~ once and for all ~ said the people.

And so we did.

One by one, the commoners caught on. the idea grew, and the new strategy spread.

The communities took matters into their own hands.

They took the cases to a jury ~12 independent equal peers~ who sat on the land, listened intently, tried with integrity, and ultimately won.

Now it's your turn to have a go.

Just follow the instructions, speak your truth, and watch justice be served.


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