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We have come a long way, from back in the day, from way back when, the police kept the peace.

As a service for hire, we appreciated their support. We liked them. We honoured them. We welcomed them with open arms; with happiness; and love in our hearts.

But, over the years, and throughout the ages, something changed, something shifted: - a slight adjustment in perception; - a new role for services hired; - a different direction of purpose.

And, through this process, through the gradual shift of control and power, abuse began.

The police are no longer hired for services. They are no longer keeping the peace. They are no longer appreciated, honoured, or respected.

It's time we sack this service, and start something new.

A new service that is trustworthy, that supports the rights to life, that does not cause harm, use force, or kill.

I welcome this new service inside you... A new mindset, with a sincere service to others.

We no longer need to hire police for protection, we have each other to call upon.

We no longer need help with dispute resolution, We have our hearts to rely on.

We have the good will of good people, we have common sense, and a sense of humor.

We have honesty. We have love. We have respect, and patience... and THIS is all we need to keep the peace.


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