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Hi Everyone - I won't go into the personal stories I have about uncovering the false news AND unfortunately the false people here on this platform, but there are some mistruths within the 5G movement that we need to pay attention to.

I'm not sure if this is happening on purpose, or if this is intentional, but we need eyes on 5G "truth" at the moment.

There is alot of media recently promoting the halt of 5G in various cities around the world - and this good news could not be furthest from the truth.

As its starting to appear in all corners of the world ...we ALL need to voice our opinions ON THE GROUND now if we want this health crisis stopped...

The number of cell towers being erected each week is alarming: Also, did you see what Mr. Trump had to say about 5G progression and the 2019 timeframe.

In this interview with #WeAreChange and Max Igan - I need to make some corrections on the narrative being shared. Please note, I love both these men and honour the work they do, but I need to correct this info because what is being said is not entirely true...

Regarding the effort in Sydney that flew the Barista out from Tasmania - I believe he is speaking of my street and our efforts to get the cell tower removed, which was not encouraging in the slightest. I could be wrong and please PM me if you have a different side to this story ❤️

I hit the red tape on this side of the world with these 2 examples below that Max speaks about, which is then I realised we are fucked in Australia. Direct action on the ground against government is what needs to happen if we want this health crisis to be stopped. Again, please PM me if you have a different experience than the two I list below.

CASE #1 - Sydney

>>It was not 5G, it was a small cell tower - see Australia's 5G progression below.

>>They did not remove it to another town, but to the street up the hill in the park where the children play

>>They did not question any of the safety standards from ARPANSA or health issues from the thousands of reports, they only fought on the wrong due process that was done by the Telco company, which is what eventually led to the positive removal from the street.

>>They didn't want to bring up ANY of the issues related to health, OR fight this for the halt of 5G because they knew they would not win the case. Moving the cell tower from the street was more important than tackling the 5G issue entirely. The barista didn't want to touch that big topic, just wanted to win the little battle on the street. It made sense as an immediate strategy, but not at all for long term goals.

It was then that I stopped working with the people on my street to fight against 5G. They don't really have the balls to call out the integrity of the safety agencies we rely on like ARPANSA and IEEE. We still have that same cell tower being deployed in the park up the hill where the children play...

The Telco company did not pull out all completely, I could be wrong but could not find any news on this. They knocked on my door a few days ago with mandatory 5G installation demands. From all accounts - this is coming to a home near you...

Finally, my local area has been completely dug up to support the new NBN (and future use for) 5G network. They have been installing this for the past 6 months, there no stopping the 5G progression in this Sydney neighbourhood.

CASE #2 - Nimbin

>>I was there at the 5G Class Action last year and heard first hand of what happens when you pull the 'Health" card against telco (see my last point above). The story of the barista from Taz was really good and his story was really SO sad, she was forced to sleep in a tent because of her sever EMF issues. The story did not end well - She could not move forward with her case because of the huge legal finances involved in taking on Telco...

>> I could be wrong about the5G efforts in that area of NSW and/or Sydney, but I have not heard any positive things come from my work on the ground in both instances in Sydney.

FELLOW HUMANS - I have seen positive stories about the halt of 5G, but the recent news about Brussels, Portland, Sydney and other areas in the world are false. We need full and transparent truth right now, because this issue is moving forward at lightening speed. This is such an important topic, we can't fuck around with the little amount of time we have on this ❤️ Thank you for talking about this.

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