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The New World Order 2018 was the year that I started my spiritual awakening...

It has been a gruelling experience; lifting the veil and seeing the truth of lies and deception infiltrated within every aspect of modern day society.  But finally, after months of shock, fear and depression, AND with a new found purpose of life goals,  I'm back doing what I love - interviewing authors, speakers and industry influencers who are making a positive impact on the world. 


The next series is called: Waking Up To The New World Order.


Here is the teaser video that compiles all the videos I did on this topic. This video is very important for all of humanity, please pass it on.

You can sign up for the entire series where we learn all about  these four concepts: Agenda 21 - The New World Order - Technocracy - 5G Smart Cities that are expected to change the course of humanity. This way we can, together, also stay connected. America, please wake up to this madness - the world needs YOU - help spread the word and please tell your friends and family today!

Safety Kit For The 21st Centurty.jpg


***URGENT MESSAGE to friends and family - The world is changing rapidly and we need all hands and eyes alert and paying attention to the madness that is occurring right in front of our eyes. The world is run by a very small group of people who don't have our best interests at hand. We have been lied to and deceived about things that affect our health and wellness. It's a sad reality that we face, but its true - there is clear and present danger ahead and  I need your help now as I step into my most important role of my life.  We're all in this together. I love you people.

Agenda 21 |  The New World Order  | Technocracy  |  5G SmartCities

David Aigbona | Aigbona Ministries  (part 1 & 2)

Patrick Wood | Technocracy.News   Ralph Epperson | New World Oder

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