Freedom Collective Foundation - Membership

♣  Collaboration of the most activated minds on the plane
Assisting humanity in the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness
♣  Ascending from the old paradigm, to the new earth
♣  The wayshowers showing ways to create a new path, a new future
♣  Shining a light on how the the world works in harmony with: 
                    - nature, plants, animals, and each other.
♣  Conscious creators manifesting an amazing future inside: 
                   - truth, abundance, freedom & love.
♣  Peace on Earth is here, for now and for generations to come:
                    - natural law, real science, true medicine

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I Pledge Theories

Each member agrees to the following theories and approaches to the new life towards freedom

♣  Freedom Collective Foundation

PODS: Pillars Of Dedication & Service

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2022 Collaboration Dates & Timezones

USA - EST   7:00 PM - Friday
USA - PST   4:00 PM - Friday       
Australia -  10:00 AM - Saturday

♣  Weekend  Theory

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USA - EST   4:30 PM - Saturday
USA - PST   1:30 PM - Saturday       
England -  10:30 PM - Saturday
Australia -   7:30 AM - Sunday

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