Evolutionary Visionaries & Conscious Creators

♣  Collaboration of the most activated minds on the plane
Assisting humanity in the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness
♣  Ascending from the old paradigm, to the new earth
♣  The wayshowers showing ways to create a new path, a new future
♣  Shining a light on how the the world works in harmony with: 
                    - nature, plants, animals, and each other.
♣  Conscious creators manifesting an amazing future inside: 
                   - truth, abundance, freedom & love.
♣  Peace on Earth is here, for now and for generations to come:
                    - natural law, real science, true medicine

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The Blueprint To Exit The Matrix - 3 Part Series

3 Part Series Schedule Outline Each influencer comes to the event with advice and tips that help evolve in the following topics.

♣  Part 1: Breaking Free From Mind Control & Abuse - June (04/05 2022)

♣  Part 2: UN - Learning Everything You "Know", To Know. - (June 11/12 2022)

♣  Part 3: RE - Membering Your True Powers, Always On. -  (June 18/19 2022)

- Topic: Knowing The Lies & Your True Sovereignty Here On Planet Earth.
- Goal: Watch The Jones Plantation and read NWO For Dummies
- Learn your natural & unalienable rights to live and breath freely.

- Topic: Getting Your Healing Foundations Sorted.
- Goal: Ensuring your Maslow hierarchy of needs is met with abundance.
- Stop spending money, disconnect from mainstream entertainment.

- Topic: Life In 5D Towards Love, Freedom, Truth & Abundance.
- Goal: To grow inside, to evolve your powers of strength and creation.
- There is more to look forward to outside the matrix of lies & deceit.

Film Dates & Timezones

USA - EST   4:30 PM - Saturday
USA - PST   1:30 PM - Saturday       
England -  10:30 PM - Saturday
Australia -   7:30 AM - Sunday

♣  June 04/05 2022

♣  June 11/12 2022

USA - EST   4:30 PM - Saturday
USA - PST   1:30 PM - Saturday       
England -  10:30 PM - Saturday
Australia -   7:30 AM - Sunday

♣  June 18/19 2022

USA - EST   4:30 PM - Saturday
USA - PST   1:30 PM - Saturday       
England -  10:30 PM - Saturday
Australia -   7:30 AM - Sunday

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What Are We Creating

Thought Leaders - Bio List (to be continued)

Sheena Alexandra  - Freedom Collective Foundation     - wellness@FreedomCollectiveFoundation.org
Denise Ward          - Serendipity Media                          - deniseward@gmail.com
Joe Bantam           - BantamJoe.com                              -  quantumxo@yahoo.com

Together we are creating a blueprint of quick tips and helpful hints to evolve your mindset from the everyday 3D fear based mind control, into a new and improved mindset that manifests a lifetime of abundance as seen in 5D, a world of truth, freedom, justice and love.

Each influencer will have their photo, website URL and bio presented in the last section of the e-book for personal branding and promotional purposes. I encourage you share your message loudly. The goals of this quick guide to awakening are to pass your personal wisdom far and wide, and to let everyone read your truths, presented to all minds, in all nations - across the world.